A little forethought goes a long way…

We were speaking with a family recently about their mother’s evolving aged care needs.

For now, the family intends to care for their mother in her home for as long as possible. They can do this with the help of a Home Care Package. There’s a lot to decide in order to get this home care up and running – how much care do they need, what type of care and support do they need, and what are their ‘ideals’ for their mum’s care.

At the same time, the family is contemplating longer-term care needs. They are preparing for the possibility that their mum will need more care and support than they can realistically provide at home. Permanent residential care is a strong possibility down the track.

The question they asked is this: what do we need to be thinking about now?

And here’s the answer: you need to be thinking about your ‘Top 3’ care options.

If a nursing home becomes the only feasible option, which three facilities would you be happy to choose for your loved one’s longer-term care? Make your list of key criteria. Maybe the nursing home has to be within 10 kilometers of your home. Maybe it needs to cater for your religion, or culture. Maybe it needs a dedicated memory support unit to cater for people with dementia.

Do your homework. The My Aged Care ‘Find a provider’ page is your starting point. Make a shortlist, and then do the legwork. Call the facilities and enquire about joining a tour, or better still, arrange a personal meeting with the admissions team.

If your loved one is eligible for respite care, think about using some of their 63-day entitlement to try before you buy. Respite gives you a chance to really experience life in a nursing home, while at the same time giving the family a short break.

Of course, you’ll have to factor in the financial side of aged care as well. What will your preferred options cost? Are they affordable?

You might be able to fully involve your loved one in all of this research. In an ideal world, they’d be in the captain’s chair, driving these decisions for themselves. We don’t always live in an ideal world, though, and there are times when you simply need to get it done on behalf of your loved one.

Too often, families will call us once they’ve reached panic mode. Often this happens after a fall, or a sudden health issue. They find themselves at a crisis point. Residential care is no longer optional, and they simply don’t know where to start.

We help these families navigate all the decisions which need to be made, but imagine how much easier this would be if you had your ‘Top 3’ worked out in advance.

You’ll know exactly who to call when the time arises, you’ll be certain your Top 3 are affordable and – above all else – you’ll be confident that your loved one is getting the best outcome possible. Surely that’s worth the effort!

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