Good things come in small packages…

Have you ever wondered what an SMSF offers that simply can’t be achieved in a retail or industry fund?

It’s true that all funds – large and small – operate under the same legal and tax frameworks. It’s also true that nowadays large funds offer a very broad range of investment options, giving their members a level of control over how their super is invested.

But, when it comes to setting up and managing your pension, SMSFs offer unmatched flexibility and control.

Putting a pension in place can be instant. Once you decide to do so, you can start accessing your money immediately. Of course, there are paperwork requirements, but these can be sorted a little later if need be.

Need more money, or not so much? No problem – your pension amounts and frequency can be varied quickly and simply. You have complete control over the administration of your money, just as you do with your personal bank account. There is no need to lock in specific payment intervals or amounts. Provided you meet your annual minimum annual pension amount, the how, when and why is entirely up to you.

With an SMSF, you can direct your pension payments wherever you choose. Some large funds will only allow you to transfer money into an account in your own name. With an SMSF, you decide where to send payments. For example, if you want to pay for a new car using your super, you can transfer the money direct to the dealer’s account. Or, you could direct your regular pension payments into an account in your partner’s name. It’s your call.

In short, SMSFs allow you to decide and act, quickly and simply. Your fund, your decisions, on your terms.

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