Contemplating aged care

What would you do…

If your elderly mother, or father, or partner suddenly needed more care than can be given at home?

Many families who come to us for aged care advice find themselves in an urgent situation. It might be a fall, a hospital admission, and then the hard truth that their loved one is not able to go home. It’s often unexpected and there’s no plan. Navigating the transition to permanent aged care can be time consuming and emotionally stressful.

Have you ever talked about what you might do if this happens to your family? Have you considered the options available?

Start a conversation, listen to your loved one’s hopes for their own aged care. Research local facilities – take a tour, meet the staff and the residents. Ask lots of questions. Get an idea of what permanent care will cost and think about how you will pay for it.

Have a plan. Do some homework. Arm yourself with some knowledge so that you’re not behind the starting line if permanent aged care becomes a reality.

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How can we help?
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