Are you getting the most from your Home Care Package?

Home care packages are ‘consumer-directed’. This means that you, as the package recipient, choose who delivers your services, and are an active participant in designing a package of services which best meets your needs. In a nutshell, you decide how you spend your package budget.

Here we share some simple tips for ensuring you get the best out of your home care package.

Your case manager: your new best friend

Once you’ve registered with a home care service provider, you’ll be paired with a dedicated case manager who becomes your main point of contact. Together, you and your case manager will design your care plan and your case manager will oversee service delivery. Having a good rapport with your case manager is very important. Here are key aspects to assess: Is your case manager approachable, personable, and empathetic? Are they skilled in communication?

If your connection with the case manager doesn’t feel optimal, it’s probably not the best match. Your case manager should exhibit a client-centered and creative approach, tailoring solutions to your unique needs rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all model. Open and effective communication forms the bedrock of your partnership.

Make sure that you can engage in honest conversations and that your concerns are not only acknowledged but deeply understood. If the relationship falls short of your expectations, don’t hesitate to voice your concerns or explore other options.

A support person is invaluable

It’s a great idea to involve a support person in all your meetings and conversations with the service providers and assessment teams. This person might be a close relative or friend who can play a crucial role, especially during ACAT assessments and discussions with your case manager concerning your needs and potential solutions.

Your support person acts as an additional set of ears, assisting in articulating your thoughts or actively engaging in the conversation. They can assist in preparing for meetings and simplifying any complex issues that may arise.

Embrace a collaborative ‘team’ approach to optimize the benefits of your HCP. Your team should encompass you, your case manager, and your support person working in unison to ensure your care plan is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

What do you really need?

Ultimately, the choice of which services will provide the greatest benefit to you lies in your hands.

While many of us associate home care with help around the house and personal care, it encompasses a wide range of services and support designed to empower you to lead a fulfilling love, stay socially engaged, and maintain the smooth operation of your home.

Imagine this…

You value your weekly Mah-jong games with friends, but getting to the venue poses challenges. Exploring options like assisted transport within your care package could make a world of difference. If you struggle with mobility in the morning, a mechanical bed might be a valuable addition. The spectrum of services extends beyond the essentials of personal care, meals, and medication support.

Here are some services you may not have considered:

  • meal delivery
  • companion pet
  • yoga
  • counselling
  • computer equipment
  • emergency call / fall alert device
  • mobility equipment
  • spring cleaning
  • physiotherapy

When selecting services, prioritise your individual care goals and let them guide your choices. Your home care should be tailored to make a significant difference in your life.

And remember, as your needs or priorities change, so too should your package services. Nothing is cast in stone, so take a step back from time to time, and review what you’re getting and whether it still serves you best. 

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