Certainty for your legacy

We help you manage all aspects of Estate Planning to give you peace of mind knowing that your financial affairs and estate are in order.

Partnering with an accomplished financial adviser is key in planning, managing and executing your estate plan. Together, we can ensure that all your financial assets – not just those included in your Estate – are organised in a tax effective way, and that in the event of your incapacitation or death, your assets are passed on to your intended heirs.

Aspects of effective Estate Planning include:

  • Legal documentation
  • Planning for tax effectiveness
  • Execution of estate

Legal Documentation
Ensuring that your estate, including your super, is distributed according to your wishes upon your death needs careful focus. We take the complexity out of this by partnering with legal professionals to:

  • Draw up a will
  • Ensure you have nominated legal executors
  • Put in place Enduring Power/s of Attorney

Ensuring tax effectiveness
It is important to consider the tax implications of any inheritance for your beneficiaries. We help you structure your estate for maximum tax effectiveness. For example, it may be appropriate to establish a trust to limit taxation or seamlessly pass on assets.

Additionally, you may need a binding death benefit nomination to ensure that your super is distributed according to your wishes. This certificate needs to be reviewed regularly.

Execution of estate
We provide assistance to legal executors in the transfer of assets to beneficiaries. This includes:

  • Valuation of assets
  • Transfer of assets to beneficiaries
  • Preparing off-market transfers and / or sale of assets to effect transfer of assets to beneficiaries
  • Administration following the death of a member of a self-managed super fund.
Take steps now to help your executor

Take steps now to help your executor

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The end of the road, your way

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