Have you given any thought to how your friends and family might celebrate your life once you’ve departed this physical realm? Are you in the “I’ll be gone, do what you like” camp, or are you the sort of person who’d like to produce and direct (maybe even star in) your own final performance? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between.

It might seem like a difficult conversation to have, but if you wish to have a say in your ‘last hurrah’, then what are you waiting for? Talking about your thoughts and wishes will surely be a whole lot easier when you’re well. Having the conversation when end of life is imminent would likely be a lot more confronting and difficult. Not talking about it at all means your family is left to second-guess what you might have wanted.

Leaving all the decisions to others once you’ve gone puts a heavy load on their already grief-burdened shoulders. In this last gesture of Earthly love, wouldn’t you want time and space to think through the ultimate celebration, whatever that looks like for you. Wouldn’t your family want this too?

If you do want a say in what happens with you, and for you, when you die, the links below might provide some helpful conversation starters.

What are you waiting for?

What is important to me?

A New South Wales Government website designed to prompt your thinking and planning for after death.

Personalised memoral services

Unique ideas for creating personalised memorial services (an article by My Tributes)

"A community undertaking"

An ABC Australian Story report which steps “inside the not-for-profit funeral home that’s doing death differently”.

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