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Clarity and choice over aged care decisions

The journey into aged care may seem daunting for you and your family The aged care system in Australia is a complex system and can be difficult to navigate. Our team will work with you to retain control and choice over aged care planning and decisions, bringing peace of mind for you and your loved ones throughout the transition into aged care.
We will help you: – Demystify the aged care system – Understand the fee structure, for both accommodation and care – Determine the best way to structure your financial resources to minimise the cost of care and maximise access to entitlements – Negotiate the best price on your behalf – Ensure Powers of Attorney are in place – Put into place appropriate Estate Planning structures

“I needed help to understand the best way to fund my wife’s move into aged care.

Rob clearly and simply explained how each funding option works. The cash flow forecasts helped me to decide upon the best way to pay for accommodation and care.

I now have peace of mind knowing what we can afford and how we will pay for it.”

– K. Robertson

“Rob’s integrity, professionalism and reliability make McEwen Investment Services an easy choice when deciding on aged care planning and investment advice.

It is a pleasure working with Rob and his team and we would not hesitate in recommending McEwen Investment Services.”

– P. Best

“I would like to thank your organisation for your valuable assistance to me regarding the transfer of my wife into a nursing home facility.

In particular, I wish to commend the excellent services given by Meagan Roberts. Her expertise and efficiency were very much appreciated.

Many thanks once again for your help at a difficult time.”

 – K. Rae

“Our key concern was ensuring our mother could afford her aged care for as long as she lives. We also needed guidance on how to invest any money left over from the sale of her home.

Rob and Meagan spent time with our family discussing the pros and cons of different options. We were very happy with the service that McEwen provided to our family and would definitely recommend them to others.”

 – E. Bennett

“Thank you once again for handing myself and my family a lifeline when it came to my father, such an emotional time, we shall forever be indebted to you for your advice given with so much heart. I recommend McEwen Investment Services. Just go and have a chat.”

 – J. Parker

“I came away feeling just so happy and so relieved. The best money I’ve ever spent. I feel so informed, know the direction we are going with Mum and know that good care is very doable with Mum’s limited budget.”

 – B. Cooper

“We knew what we wanted for our Mum’s residential aged care, but we needed help figuring out how to make it possible financially. Meagan explained different scenarios and helped us understand the options. Now, we feel confident that we what we want for our Mum is achievable. I will definitely recommend McEwen Investment Services for aged care advice.”

 – J. Cronan

Choosing the right aged care home

Choosing the right aged care home

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one is an enormous decision. How can you be sure you make the right choice? This article will help you figure out where to start, what to look for and questions you need to ask.

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Aged care McEwen Investments Advisors
McEwen Investment Services gives you practical help to navigate the aged care system. Our services include: ⊲ Explaining the different fee options for aged care services ⊲ Preparing a detailed analysis of your spouse or parent’s financial position ⊲ Providing a strategy that outlines the best options for your family member ⊲ Determining the best way to structure your finances to maximise entitlements ⊲ Assistance with Centrelink paperwork ⊲ Arranging Powers of Attorney ⊲ Explaining estate planning issues
A financial roadmap Every individual’s circumstances are different. Our approach is bespoke, with advice that is customised for your family member. We help you understand your spouse or parent’s current financial position and then create an aged care roadmap to guide you – so there are no financial surprises. We can offer you certainty and direction to demystify the aged care maze. Moving your parent or spouse into aged care can be immensely time consuming. There are so many organisational, legal and financial details to arrange. Seeking specialist advice can reduce the strain and give you more time to take care of things at home, where you’re needed most.
“ I needed help to understand the best way to fund my wife’s move into aged care. Rob clearly and simply explained how each funding option works. The cash flow forecasts helped me to decide upon the best way to pay for accommodation and care. I now have peace of mind knowing what we can afford and how we will pay for it.”
Ken Robertson, Wahroonga

elderly couple on bench
elderly couple on bench
Making the best choice about aged care for your spouse or parent can be overwhelming You need information that is tailored for their situation, to put you in control with clarity and confidence. That’s where we come in. McEwen Investment Services provides personalised, family-focused advice that can help relieve the pressure and uncertainty of the aged care system. Financial planning for aged care is about more than money. It’s about lifestyle, family and finding a place that can feel like home. It’s about ensuring your loved one gets the daily help they need so they can continue to live in the comfort to which they are accustomed.
Expert help that puts your family first Your focus is on doing what is best for your parent or partner. That’s our goal too. We’ve been in your shoes, having helped family members transition from independent living to an aged care service. It’s an emotional time. You may feel like you carry an overwhelming weight of responsibility to make the best decisions. Choose McEwen Investment Services and you will receive expert advice that puts your family first. Our down-to-earth approach gives you direct access to your adviser at any time, to ask all the questions you need to ensure your peace of mind. Established for over 20 years, we have a long history of successfully guiding locals on Sydney’s north shore in financial matters. We are accredited aged care financial professionals, renowned for long-term relationships that put our client’s best interests at heart.
Knowledge is power Some of the questions you might be asking yourself are: • Where do I start? • What can my parent or spouse afford? • Will we have to sell their house? • How much will it cost to secure the type of accommodation and care we want? Money plays a significant role in finding an aged care solution because it is your loved one’s financial position that will determine the care choices available to them. Seeking practical advice from an experienced aged care financial adviser is essential. We will equip you with the facts for your situation, help you understand the possibilities and guide you through the process. The more informed you are, the more control you have about the choices ahead.

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